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At Pavna International School, the secondary department is divided into three main areas. The lower secondary, the IGCSE, and the A-level areas So it’s a seven-year program. In lower secondary, we have eleven subjects, and we take a holistic, child-centred approach to teaching and learning in that area. After which we run the two-year IGCSE programme and then the two-year A-level program. And these seven subjects comprise the International Certificate of Education, which is a well-respected qualification by universities all over the world, as well as by universities in India.

Knowledge is power. You cannot pray to become a doctor, a translator, or a teacher. You need to go to school for that. Not just any school, but one that will make your dream a reality. And that’s exactly what we, the specialists at Pavna International School, have been doing.

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There was a lot of research that went into designing the school. So right from the entrance, you can see that the building is inspired by Lumen architecture. And once you move in, you see there is a blend of Indian and Western culture here. So this is what we are trying to communicate through our designs. It’s a blend of Western education with Indian values and culture here. So it’s a talking school. If you look at the walls here, each and every wall has something to give to the child. So when the child enters, say, the experiential block, which is the labs, you will find that each and every lab has certain wallpapers or information that is displayed on the wall and that tells the story of the contributions that have been made by the scientists.

In this field, we have other special rooms like art rooms and math labs. These are done in a very creative way so that the child feels at ease. When we talk about Pavna International, we’re talking about opulence, comfort, knowledge, and experiences. And, because it is a charter school, it emphasises safety and security. In terms of safety and security, we’ve used all those surfaces that are antibacterial and antiviral here. So your child is absolutely safe and secure in this environment. So a lot of brainstorming and a lot of research have gone into designing this.
At Pavna International School, our teaching methodology. Is based on experiential learning. Our focus is to cultivate observational, technical communication and time management skills in our students. Experiential learning helps students observe every facet. Both from the academic and pragmatic point of view. Right from the very early age, we Empower our students to ask questions, to research, to explore and find answers, making them independent thinkers. This collaborative learning methodology creates a sense of oneness amongst the students. At PIS, we believe in the holistic development of students. Along with a scheduled academic calendar, we also have a dedicated time for extracurricular activities. Children have given a choice of activities. Ranging from horse riding to robotics, from Industrial design to textile design. Then they go for their swimming classes, theater, dancing, painting and many more to choose from. Our homework policies give students additional time to bond with their family and friends and nurture a new hobby. Be yourself is the motto of Pavna International School. Each student is unique. And they have their own set of talents and skills. And we at Pavna International School believe in our students.
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The school is about experiential learning. The school focuses on walking and learning. You roam around here, walking down any corridor. This is a completely different idea. The infrastructure of the school is really fascinating, especially how the science labs are designed. All the subjects as well as the concepts are taught thoroughly using smart panels.
At Pavna International School, we are very fortunate to have a superb learning environment. We aim to solve problems rather than answer math questions from a book. This means we use the entire campus and the multitude of resources here in order to achieve that aim.
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Pavna International School prides itself on offering one of the Cambridge flagship subjects, global perspectives. This enables our students to think outside the box and learn about issues all around the world. And it aligns very well with our school’s mission, namely to nurture our students into global citizens. The idea behind creating this industrial lab was that we needed a space within the campus that was very industry-centric, where we could teach the kids about metal, how to work with metal, how to work with wood, and just to give it that industry-centric appeal. As you can see, everything here is raw. And the names given to the classroom and the workshops are also industry-centric. For example, this particular space is called the Innovation Center. That is our maker space. And this is what research and development is all about. 
At Pavna International School, the safety and comfort of the students are very important to us. If we talk about the transportation system, the buses that are applying are equipped with the GPS tracking system. As a result, the parents have excellent tracking abilities. The buses are tracked live, so they do not have to wait at the bus stops for hours just for their students to get down.
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Our school’s PIS is totally enabled. With the Internet of Things, which is based on artificial intelligence, we are keeping track of student activities inside and outside of schools. In terms of these security measures at the campus, the entire campus is under the surveillance of more than 250 cameras, which are all well connected to a video wall at the main gate and are under the constant surveillance of two guards, 24×7. The security guards are well equipped with the latest technologies, for instance, in communications. So, yes, students’ safety is taken care of not only in the infrastructure but also around the corner. We are controlling the lights and the air conditioners according to the presence of the students inside the classes, and we are also maintaining the TDS level and the pH value of the drinking water to maintain hygiene. Apart from it, we are also maintaining the AQI and the CO2 level of the fresh air, which helps them in maintaining the clean environment.
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Pavna International School offers world-class facilities for indoor and outdoor sports, to name a few. The school has a basketball court for indoor badminton, a multi-purpose hall, an all-weather swimming pool, and a tennis court. In addition to this, there is a volleyball court, a table tennis facility, a billiards facility for combat games, a horse riding facility, and many more. The infrastructure is well supported by the sports staff. Each game is overseen by highly qualified and experienced trainers and physical education teachers.