Message from the Principal

From the desk of Principal

Ms Aarti Nigam

Welcome to Pavna International School!

A school plays a pivotal role in nurturing the inherent talent in each child. At PIS, we foster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students, parents and staff striving to create an environment that sustains excellence. Our distinction lies in the pursuit of high academic attainment through support, encouragement and motivation. As a 21st century school our approach to education incorporates research and inquiry, critical and ethical thinking that becomes a lifetime habit for our students.

pavna-aarti nigam

At Pavna International School, the teaching methodology is based on experiential learning. Our focus is on cultivating observational, critical thinking, collaboration, digital, technical, communication and time management skills in our students.

Experiential learning helps students observe every facet from both academic and pragmatic point of view. We empower our students from an early age to take the centre stage, ask questions, research, explore and find answers making them independent thinkers.

This collaborative learning methodology creates a spirit of oneness amongst the students. The Cambridge Curriculum is designed to develop attitudes, academic and life skills throughout their education, equipping them to be successful in all spheres of their life.

We believe in the importance of holistic development of students, for which we have created a balanced academic and co-curricular calendar. We have scheduled the day for our students to ensure that they are able to dedicate two hours to co-curricular activities such as sports, foreign languages, science, robotics and creative arts to foster additional skills.

Be yourself is the motto of Pavna international school. Each child is unique and has their own talents and skills, and we believe in our students. We urge them to explore their talents and learn in the way they understand it best.

There’s power in staying true to yourself. Embrace it. Be yourself.