Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Pavna International School. A place where students are encouraged to grow beyond books and the traditional learning ecosystem.
We put huge emphasis on experiential learning that provides great freedom so that students can express themselves.
What sets us apart is the flexibility to choose from a wide array of subjects that range from Music to Science.
We cultivate a scientific temperament when it comes to the mindset of our students. Asking questions and looking at a problem from all possible angles is not only encouraged but is welcomed.


And you thought roses are red!

Experience is everything. Even theory says so. We believe that reality lies beyond what is being taught. The Cambridge Curriculum offers a blend of a world-class learning environment and an approach that is perfected for preparing students for real-life scenarios.

Maybe, the next time you hear the word rose, you can think yellow.

Are oranges always orange?

You need a ripe mind to understand that some oranges are never orange at all. The biggest lesson one learns with us is to challenge dogmas and find new doorways. It is all about looking at phenomena from all angles – even from seemingly impossible angles. To develop such a learning faculty, one needs a world-class environment and an unconventional approach – exactly what we have at Pavna International School. So maybe, you can start thinking about the colour of orange.

We are offering an experience to students to give them a new world perspective – it takes exposure to the real world to understand that the solution is nothing but a fresh look at the problem. For this, we need the world’s best teachers immersed in experiential learning. This is exactly the kind of learning universe that welcomes you at Pavna International School. Needless to say, when you see things with a new perspective, the whole world looks up to you.