Advance Level (Stage 12 & 13)

Cambridge International A Levels are the ‘gold standard’ qualification. They are based on rigorous, academic syllabuses that are accessible to students from a wide range of abilities yet have the capacity to stretch our most able.

We think the Cambridge curriculum is superb preparation for university.

1. Communication, Language and Literacy
2. Creative Expression
3. Mathematics
4. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
5. Physical Development and
6. Understanding the World

Cambridge International A Levels has been given equivalent by the Association of Indian Universities, which awards equivalence to foreign degrees in India. This guarantees that Cambridge students who opt to study in Indian universities have a smooth transition.

Cambridge’s Science and Mathematics course content corresponds to the approved syllabus for all India open entrance exams for Engineering or Medicine undergraduate studies. Cambridge AS/A level is recognized by all IITs and other specialized institutes.

⇛ According to the Association, A Level is equivalent to a +2 stage certificate from an Indian board, allowing students to enrol in bachelor’s degree programs in Indian universities.

Learners use Cambridge International AS & A Levels to gain places at leading universities worldwide including in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

The Cambridge Advanced stage of the Cambridge curriculum includes Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications. Cambridge International A Level is typically a two-year course, and Cambridge International AS Level is typically one year.  Students must study five subjects at AS Level, where English General Paper is compulsory.

English General Paper






Information Technology


Art & Design**
















Each subject that a learner takes at Cambridge International AS & A Level receives a separate grade. The Cambridge International A Level is reported on a grade scale from A* grade, awarded for the highest level of achievement, to E, indicating the minimum required performance. There is no A* grading in the certification of Cambridge International AS Levels, which runs from grade A to grade E.

Cambridge International AS & A Levels have a linear structure with exams at the end of the course, which gives more time for teaching and learning. Many of the world’s top universities have made clear their appreciation of this linear approach, and we share their belief that linear courses allow learners to develop a deeper understanding of subjects. Your learners can choose from a range of assessment options: