Pavna International School

Post: Walls do Talk

Are you looking for an innovative way to teach your children at home? Look no further! Walls Do Talk from Pavna International School is the perfect solution. Our revolutionary teaching method, developed by experts to maximize your child’s learning potential. Learn how our walls talk with engaging visuals, animations, and interactive activities that will make your kids’ learning experience fun and educational! 


The school is about the experiential learning the school is about you walk and you learn. You roam over here you walk on any corridor you will get something to learn. This is totally a different concept. 

It’s a talking school. If you look at the walls here, each and every wall has something to give to the child.  

You really like the interactive walls outside the art room. There’s like a whiteboard wall where you can scribble things on the wall and you can paint it and you can just easily remove it. So it’s like, really nice. 

isn’t it? Feel amazing when a child comes to you and say, Mama, I want to go to school. Even if there was a holiday, it is just because of the amazing atmosphere he having in the school.