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Post: Pavna International School: Our Curriculum

We believe that the biggest academic achievement is one’s development as a whole individual. Beyond the advantages that naturally come from the Cambridge Curriculum, a student benefits from the world of experience by combining theoretical and practical approaches. In other words, it is all about life itself, teaching you to look at life with a new perspective.

Cambridge Assessment

We strictly follow the Cambridge International Curriculum to maintain a world-class standard of education that is recognised by highly rated universities the world over.

Unlike traditional learning where students are restricted to study a certain combination of subjects only, we provide them the flexibility to pick their own subjects and pursue their passion freely.

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We take great pride in breaking the educational stereotypes to help students come out of the rote learning culture. Instead, we help to instil in students a collaborative, reflective outlook towards life and problems in general.

Our teaching methodologies encourage students to acquire both academic as well as interpersonal leadership skills that drive them to be what they want to be; be it an Inventor, Artist, Entrepreneur… they will be stalwarts of tomorrow.