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Are you looking for the best education for your child? Pavna International School is a perfect choice! Your child will get the best education possible with experienced teachers, a holistic learning environment, and a range of extracurricular activities. find out more in our video and see why parents worldwide choose Pavna International School as their first choice of school. 

pavna-experiential learning zone

At Pavna International School our teaching methodology is based on experiential learning. Our focus is to cultivate observational technical communication and time management skills in our students. Experiential learning helps students observe every facet, both from the academic and pragmatic point of view right from the very early age. We empower our students to ask questions, to research, explore and find solutions, making them independent thinkers. This collaborative learning methodology creates a sense of oneness amongst the students at PIS. 


At our institution, we prioritise the all-encompassing growth of our students in addition to following a structured academic curriculum. We have also set aside a specific period for engaging in non-academic pursuits. Children have been given opportunity to choose from a wide range of extra curricular activities from horse riding to robotics, from industrial design to textile design, swimming, theatre and many more to cater their interests and passion. Our no homework policy, give students additional time to bond with their family and friends, and nurture a new hobby. Be yourself is the motto of pavna international school. Each student is unique and they have their own set of talents and skills, and We at Pavna International school believe in our students being who they are at their core helps them grow positively and live a fulfilling and a joyous life. We urge our students to explore their talents and learn in the best possible way that they can. This power in being true to yourself, embrace it, Be Yourself.