Pavna International School

Post: Christmas celebrated with sparkling night of lights at Pavna International

December 16, 2022, The Pavna International School organised a magnificent musical drama production ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’ portraying the birth of Jesus Christ. The students and teachers collaborated to present ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw,‘ which was well-appreciated by numerous attendees, including parents of the children and guests from different parts of the city. Additionally, the school also launched its coffeeTable book during the event.  

Principal, Ms. Aarti Nigam enthusiastically praised the well-prepared program that showcased the remarkable talent of our students in music, art, and dance. The program was a result of the collaborative effort of our dedicated and skilled teachers, Mr. Tomas and Ms. Charu Varshney leading the music and drama department.
Principal Ms. Aarti Nigam, asserted that the Coffee Table book about Pavana International School is unique in that it contains detailed information presented through audio-visual content. Readers can also access a video introduction of the school by scanning the QR code provided. Furthermore, all videos related to the school are available on its official YouTube channel.


Mr. Swapnil Jain, the chairman, extended his good wishes to the entire team for the success of the grand occasion. He also commended everyone for their hard work in publishing the coffee table book. Mr. Jain acknowledged the students’ dedication and enthusiasm towards learning and experimenting, as evident from their stage performance.