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Post: Where care comes first

Are you looking for the perfect school for your child? Pavna International School is here to help! Our top priority is providing a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. With our experienced faculty and staff, we offer an excellent education along with a holistic approach to learning. Discover how Pavna International School puts your child’s safety and needs first!

pavna-Cambridge Curriculum- Advance Level Stage 12 13
The safety and comfort of the students are very important to us. If I talk about the transportation system, the buses that are applying are equipped with the GPS tracking system. As a result, the parents have excellent tracking abilities. The live tracking of the buses so they do not have to wait at the bus stops for hours just for their students to get down.  Our School PIS is totally enabled with the Internet of Things that is I.O.T. Based on artificial intelligence, we are keeping track of student activities inside and outside the schools.

In terms of these security measures at the campus, the entire campus is under the surveillance of around more than 250 cameras, which are all well connected to a video wall at the main gate and are under the constant surveillance of two guards, 24×7. The security guards are well equipped with the latest technologies, for instance, communications. So, yes, students’ safety is taken care of not only in the infrastructure but also around the corner.

We are controlling the lights and the air conditioners according to the presence of the students inside the classes, and we are also maintaining the TDS level and the pH value of the drinking water to maintain hygiene. Apart from it, we are also maintaining the AQI and the CO2(Carbon Dioxide) level of the fresh air, which helps them in maintaining a clean environment.