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Early Years

At Pavna, we believe that creativity involves purposeful play. Our learning-through-play approach in the Early Years is the means by which we inspire our young learners to develop that early love of learning, increasing and deepening key age-appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding.

Our Early Years curriculum focuses on the Cambridge Six Areas of Learning….

Communication, Language and Literacy | Creative Expression | Mathematics |
Personal, Social and Emotional Development | Physical Development | Understanding the World

This ensures an enjoyable, holistic, balanced and learning-rich experience for our young students every day.

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Primary School

The Cambridge Primary is a 6-year program for learners aged 5 to 11 years. The emphasis is laid on providing each student with a broad and balanced learning ecosystem.

The programme we offer at Pavna includes English as a First Language, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, Digital Literacy, Computing, Art and Design, Physical Education and Music.

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