Early Years (EY1 & EY2)

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. The play-based method of learning is a prevalent modus operandi of imparting knowledge to children in the Cambridge Curriculum to stimulate young minds.

The prime focus is on igniting their pre-language, pre-math and communication skills while ensuring the activities provide an enjoyable and progressive day to day experience.


Healthy lifestyle habits need to be inculcated in a tender age especially in an era where so much is available just on the click of a button.

We at Pavna give ample opportunity for young children to benefit from multiple indoor and outdoor sports and other fitness activities, thus promoting a culture of physical health and age-appropriate fitness. We also provide enrichment activities to keep them engaged and focused. Some of the routine practices include:

  • Oceanic Yoga: Here young children imitate different oceanic life forms such as crabs and dolphins.
  • Pattern In Nature: In nature scavenger hunts, children are invited to look around and see different patterns in their surroundings.
  • Berry Picking Day: During the blooming season a trip to one of the local farms would be planned. Through this activity children will know where some plant edibles come from.
  • Hopscotch: Teachers name the number and the child needs to hop and go on to that number. This builds their knowledge of numbers, colours and shapes.
  • Pyjama Party: This is all about a day filled with mystery, adventure and wonder.
  • Let Us Be A Rainbow: On this day children wear clothes having any rainbow colour. They bring food with any of the rainbow colours. There would also be a story telling session related to rainbows.

Apart from these, poetry recitation, fancy dress competition, clay modelling, music, little MasterChef, dance, theatre performances and phonics are other areas of our provision within the Early Years Curriculum. Through these activities we aim to develop confident, knowledgeable, reflective and responsible students who have a robust foundation to smoothly transition to the primary years.